Disney Magic Kingdom


Walt Disney World Vacation Kingdom

Written by Julie Greiner

Traveling by car, plane, train or bus - 35 million people visit Walt Disney WorldŽ each year. There are more than 110,000 hotel rooms to accommodate guests to the area and the realm of entertainment is vast. Take a safari, watch a live stage-show, wonder through towns out of the past or experience amusement rides of colossal dimension. History, the future, one's imagination and world travels have no boundaries to those that visit. Walt Disney WorldŽ at a glance...

Epcot Center

The new Tapestry of Dreams Parade is in celebration of the 100th year of Disney. This street festival incorporates larger-than-life puppets and is staged on the promenade of the World Showcase Lagoon twice each evening. The Circle of Life Theatre is showing an animated film with the characters from Disney's "The Lion King" interacting with the environment. The Spaceship Earth will take you on a trip through time and space, within a 180-foot tall geosphere, and you experience the technologies of the 21st century. Innoventions will bring you face-to-face with the incredible technology of exploratory medicines to the expectations of home electronics that will shape our lives into the next century.

Magic Kingdom Park

Fantasy and reality become one - the classic Disney characters come to life. The Cinderella Castle is probably one of the most photographed structures in the world. The feeling of living happily ever-after shines down on all who experience it. Space Mountain stands 180 feet tall and offers the ride of your life through the blackness of outer space. All of the U.S. 42 presidents are gathered together at the Hall of Presidents to join you in listening to Abraham Lincoln speak.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Animals real and imagined come together to take you through a magical journey. The Kilimanjaro Safaris attraction takes you for an adventurous ride on an expedition through lands of savanna, rivers and hills amongst roaming giraffes, gazelles, lions, rhinos and elephants. Explore the Anadapur Royal Forest on the Maharajah Jungle Trek which will take you among the ruins of an ancient palace inhabited by giant fruit bats, tapirs, a Komodo dragon and tigers. Take a swift raft ride through an Asian rain forest on the Chakranadi River.

Disney-MGM Studios

100 Years of Magic Celebration - is a new, multi-sensory attraction which encompasses Walt Disney's life in a new production film of his personal life. Mickey Avenue and the Animation Courtyard are notorious for character sightings. And each afternoon you will witness customized limos on parade with your favorite characters on board.

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